Leadership & Governance

Leadership and governance show our organizational behavior and the way we get tasks accomplished to fulfill our mission of good works that add eternal values to humanity and make the world better. Our leadership behaviors which stem out of our passion to serve others altruistically and the desire to empower and add values to others, shape and inform our leadership style which is a blend of servant-leadership and transformational leadership. Our shared leadership philosophy enables teamwork at top leadership level and also at bottom implementation and functional level of our organization. In respect to governance, we have a blend of adhocracy and clan cultures which drive our operative system that fosters an innovative work environment. Our clan culture enables us to collaborate and build consensus around our espoused values that define our modus operandi. Our adhocracy culture supports the flexibility, adaptability, and fluidity of our organizational structure which is organic and facilitates our shared and participatory leadership philosophy.

Our organic organizational structure enables us to work through various self-managing teams to achieve our goals and strategic objectives. The self-managing teams are semi-autonomous workgroups that receive guidance and support from the organization’s top leadership. The decision making in our organization is synergistic and integrative. The Governing Board (TGB), the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), and the Shared Leadership Work Group (SLWG) facilitate the collegiality in decision making.

The Governing Board

1. Dr. Israel Eledan (Chairman)
2. Rev. Grace Eledan (Vice-Chairman)
3. Dr. Bosede Fagbemi (Board Member)
4. Dr. Olubunmi Oladele-Ajose (Board Member/Secretary)
5. Mrs Aderonke Soares (Board Member)
6. Pastor Akintunde Ogunyemi (Board Member)
7. Evang. Donna Todd-George (Board Member)
8. Mrs. Victoria Olu-Talabi (Board Member),
9. Mrs. Aderoju Ajibade (Board Member)
10. Dr. Moronkeji Fagbemi (Board Member)
11. Pastor Naomi Fagbenro (Board Member)

Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Israel Eledan (President/CEO)
Rev. Grace Eledan (Vice-President/COO)
Dr. Bosede Fagbemi (Director, Programs)
Dr. Olubunmi Oladele-Ajose (Director, Human Resources)

Shared Leadership/Group Leaders Team

Minister Aderoju Ajibade (Group Leader, WEP)
Dr. Abiodun Adegeye (Group Leader, YEP)
Dr. Faith Osime (Group Leader, CEP)
Sis. Victoria Olu-Talabi (Group Leader, RS)
Sis. Aderonke Soares (Group Leader, OAS)
Evangelist Donna Todd-George (Group Leader, MRD)
Pastor Akintunde Ogunyemi (Group Leader, CCO)
Pastor Naomi Fagbenro

Shared Leadership Work Group (SLWG)

The Shared Leadership Work Group (SLWG) stems out of our shared and participatory leadership philosophy which mirrors the fluidity of our organic organizational structure. SLWG is the CEO’s innovative and collegial workgroup that gets work done through creativity and ideation. There are two leadership work teams that constitute SLWG; they are: (a) Program Development Team (PDT) and Workforce Development Team (WDT). The function of SLWG is to discover, design, develop, and implement intervention programs that will solve the world’s complex and adaptive problems, and also facilitate human holistic development and total well-being.

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