The global death toll due to COVID-19 pandemic has fired up the zeal of change agents and compassionate healthcare professionals to champion the cause of leading the world to embrace holistic health as a collective responsibility and best approach to healthcare delivery. Research finds that, “People are looking at their health holistically….from physical activity to mental health and stress reduction…and they desire access and flexibility to reach their unique health goals” (Ambitious Health Study Team). Grace Relief Wellness Program (GRWP) is designed to lead change for a paradigm shift towards the validity of a holistic approach to healthcare delivery. Holistic health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness, which encompasses physical, mental, psychosocial, nutritional, and spiritual wellbeing of humankind.

In view of the foregoing, the need to innovate or reinvent the healthcare delivery system to capture the multidimensional aspect of wellness has gone beyond being optional. GRWP, which is one of the pillars and integral part of the empowerment program of Grace Relief Initiative International (GRII), is geared towards the realization of the United Nations SDGs goal #3: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” Grace Relief Initiative International (GRII) – a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization with DUNS #: 076369732 is a public charity organization with headquarters in Metro Atlanta, Georgia; and operational scope that covers the United States of America. GRII being an International Relief and Development Organization in accordance with United States IRS Code, is also an incorporated Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria.

GRWP Mission Statement

To facilitate the prevention and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases through the support for universal access to essential healthcare services and provision of wellness education, ambulatory care, and distribution of free medicines and vaccines to the needy.


The global health challenges and their impact on the global economy, life expectancy and the socio-economic well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations have further reinforced the importance, urgency, and the need for integrated and holistic approach to the delivery of healthcare services. The context of this intervention program is to galvanize healthcare professionals to use a holistic approach to healthcare delivery, which will be capable of creating a shift from curative treatment to preventive care.

The complementary program input for GRWP will include Health Education and Mentoring for change in lifestyle that will leverage nutritional coaching, hygienic practices, abstinence from substance abuse, and personal health discipline to achieve wellness and quality of life. Therefore, the expectations of this program will be captured by short-term, intermediate, and long-term outcomes. The short-term will focus on creating a locally sustainable health program, the intermediate outcome will target the integration of GRWP with local healthcare systems, while the long-term impact will be concentrating on leading a change that will cause a shift in the healthy life expectancy of the beneficiaries from curative treatment to preventive care.

Program Management Structure

GRII has put in place a very resourceful medical team with an organic structure that fosters collegiality and cross-functioning of physicians and allied health professionals in the quest to deliver innovative and holistic healthcare services.

Theory of Change

If GRWP provides a holistic healthcare service that is based on the collective responsibility of the healthcare providers and their beneficiaries to add value to healthy life expectancy, then the shift from curative to preventive healthcare will increase.

Value Proposition

The theory of change concept is different from other processes where we start with a plan and work our way through the plan. With theory of change, we start with the end goal (social impact) and work our way backward to accomplish the theory of change. Value proposition generates questions like (a) What is the end impact that GRWP wants to achieve? (b) What social value are we creating? ( c ) How do we create social value?

Theory of Change Model

Resources: The input or resources needed to accomplish the end goal of GRWP
Activities: They are the things GRWP does to achieve the end goals. This is the answer to how we create value. We create value by providing holistic healthcare service.
Outputs: These are measurable expected results of the activities of GRWP. The measurable results contribute to the number of the program beneficiaries who have become mentees that are participating in the collective responsibility for holistic health.
Social Value: Increase in healthy life expectancy
Social Impact: Change in lifestyle…..increase in the shift from curative to preventive healthcare